W.E.I.S. Engineering GmbH is the producer and distributor of high class software. Since 1995 we have been experts in conversion, visualization and standardization of CAD, CAE and DTP formats.

In our offer we have, among others, CAD&DTP viewers, CAD&DTP converters and software components. Cad2Cad Software solutions and services are designed for large and medium companies as well as engineering offices functioning in sectors such as building, electronic devices, electrotechnics, power industry, electricity, automation, geodesy, telecommunication, services and commerce as well as public administration, etc.

Our clients are, among others, architectural and planning offices, producers of machinery and devices, companies and institutions which deal with widely understood designing or cooperate with architects or engineers.

Precision, Reliability, Flexibility – these are the characteristics of our programmes, due to which we gained trust and satisfaction of our individual clients as well as international concerns.

Our strategy and formula for success is the orientation toward the client and a continuous investment in modern working tools guaranteeing technical development and the highest quality. Our Research and Development Department as well as a highly qualified programming team are able to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements. Close cooperation with the users of our programmes and the CAD systems producers is the basis of our precision's constant improvement.

Cad2Cad distribution system is based mainly on the Internet, and our software can be purchased in most of the Internet shops. A significant distribution channel is our cooperation with CAD software resellers, both in Germany and abroad, as well as our own Sales Department.

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